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Desi Videos: Paki girl dancing in water

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bahahahha...that was entertaining

stone age of paki prono


bada bing material right there, im tellin yous


YOOOOO! LOL what the fu** is she doing!?

How do we know shes Paki by the way???

YaY for Pakiness....but it was really lame.


lol cheese from where do you find these kinda video i wonder what did you typed in YouTube search


LOL WTF is she doing!? ew


dun mess around wid the name pakistan itss she is nt paki she is a fuckin bitch


I couldn't stop laughing! Sorry.

yasir mirza

only i like pakistani girl

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YOOOOO! LOL what the fu** is she doing!?

How do we know shes Paki by the way???

YaY for Pakiness....but it was really lame.


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LOL WTF is she doing!


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